• Create / Manage Business Units

  • Strategic Business Plans for New Markets

  • Consolidate Real Estate Holdings

  • Acquisition / Consolidation Analysis

  • Real Estate Re-Purpose Analysis

  • Personnel Relocation Analysis

  • Business Case Creation / Broker Solicitation

  • Professional / Consultant Selection Process

  • Site Acquisition Analysis / Due Diligence

  • Entitlement / Site Development Permits

  • Environmental Mitigation Plans

  • Adaptive Reuse of Existing Buildings

  • Lease Negotiation / Tenant Work Letter

  • Request for Proposals

  • Construction Cost Estimating

  • Design / Build Optimization

  • Program / Project Management

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis / Value Engineering

  • Building Permits

  • Bid / Buy / Contract / Expedite

  • Scheduling / CPM / Project Cost Controls

  • Commissioning / Move / Occupancy

  • Maintenance / Operation Manuals

  • Project Close Out


Mission Critical

  • Data Centers Ground Up

  • Legacy Environment Migration

  • Central Plants

  • Call Centers


  • High Rise Luxury Hotels / Renovations


  • High Rise Residential Developments

  • Student Housing Campuses

  • Senior Living Continuum Care Facilities

  • High Rise Mixed Use Garage / Retail / Office / Condominium


  • CT / MRI Suites

  • Occupied Bed Tower Renovations

  • ICU Suites

  • Research Wing

  • Bed Towers

  • Pharmaceutical Complexes




Transform your operational framework, personnel mindset and processes. Produce dependable quality then provide effective change management, inculcating your organization with a culture of agility and a corporate vocabulary that will inspire innovation and create vitality.

R. Möller is a leader at process, logistics and implementation.  The hallmark of the founder's career has been to turn around huge problem projects.  Experienced on new endeavors, runaway trains or 'dead in the water' projects, R. Möller brings energy and intelligence to get things on track and keep them there.  As a result, chaos quickly transforms to streamlined order with accountability and report-ability, taking a 'reactive' system to a 'pro-active' system.  You will be in control. You will make the decisions, not the process. 



Corporate Clients, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profit and Individuals

On a foundation of research to understand your goal and the market you are entering:

  • Descriptive Analytics to understand your organization's past
  • Predictive Analytics to understand what could happen in the future, based on your past
  • Prescriptive Analytics to optimize and simulate more profitable outcomes. 

Through facilitation with corporate leadership, reorganize the method of delivery to create a collective brilliance.  A new product and or perception with greater value and a market strategy with multiple 'partner' levers to provide a systemic amplification for faster growth, adaptation to change, greater sustainability through evidence based decision making.