R Möller, Inc. provides knowledgeable, trustworthy expertise & drive, to:  advocate, solve problems and protect interests. A proven team leader with a track record of successful initiatives from concept to completion.  

Operating with an entrepreneurial mind-set that understands the business case, and the ability to understand/solve complex problems, R Möller has successfully led initiatives for more than 20 years, creating solutions and implementation strategies with a proven track record of success for Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, C-Suite Executives and Fortune 500 Leaders from an array of industries, project types and initiatives.


Expertises Includes: 

Program and Project MANAGEMENT Services

Strategic Executive Project Leadership

Pre Purchase Due Diligence

Program and Project Management of Design and Construction

Move Management


Idea Development, Business Strategy and Implementation

 Optimize Operational Systems

Strategy & Launch New Business Lines

leading teams

creating solutions for difficult scenarios

Solving problems

re-imagining old systems




Predictive Analytics

Data Centers

Data Center, 

Call Centers, Corporate Portfolio Repositioning, World Headquarters


Global Data Center


Regional Call Center and Data Center


NBA Sixers Training Facility and     PCOM Student Activity Center

Corporate Headquarters and Student Housing

Corporate Headquarters and Data Center


Renovation of Historic Hotel Dupont


CT / MRI Suite


CT / MRI Suite and New Bed Tower

High Rise Office Buildings

Commercial Startup, Tenant Improvement Division, Retirement Housing and Multi-family Housing


Construction Management, High Rise Office Buildings, Hotels, SubSurface Garages, Tenant Improvements