Inventive, untraditional, self propelled, R. Möller provides dynamic program, project and construction management leadership that creates on time, on budget without litigation success. Services include overall real estate strategy, feasibility, due diligence, site assessment, development, acquisition, portfolio consolidation, program and project management over end user programming, budget, design, cost, schedule, construction and occupancy.

Clients have included high net-worth individuals, private and institutional investors, developers and private and public corporations in the USA.



There is a solution to every problem and 'no' is just another question.



Goal oriented and decisive, we gather the experts to collectively understand the complexity of an opportunity and start the 'ideation churn', then ferret out risks, uncover and collectively create possibilities that previously had not been apparent, sequence events in accordance with likeliness of a fit, then develop a strategic solution that mitigates risk and inspires to the grandest of possibilities or the simplest



The question 'why' will uncover purpose and direction. Start with the end in mind, understand 'why' and where we want to land.  



With contagious commitment and an energy infused road map which outlines a succinct plan of action for each participant, we consistently create clear vision and  optimized deployment. 



We are a firm believer in reciprocity in relationships.  As a leader, we choose team members wisely and then support their success with timely information and direction, treating their needs with the same respect as ours.  Our understanding of fairness and  'management by commitment' between team members creates a non-political, loyal and cohesive mindset and environment with a unified purpose.



Without exception, our heart is motivated by the authentic desire to empower others to be fulfilled both personally and professionally. As we lead projects, this authenticity is a key to bring forth the personal courage of each individual to live genuinely, with high integrity and care for the collective well-being of each other, ultimately influencing the outcomes of all endeavors.




Zero Net Energy Buildings

Zero Net Energy Buildings

Feasibility Study Faculty Housing

Feasibility Study Faculty Housing

Predictive Analytics

Data Centers

Global Data Center

Data Center,

Call Centers, Corporate Portfolio Repositioning, World Headquarters

NBA Sixers Training Facility and PCOM Student Activity Center

Corporate Headquarters and Student Housing

Regional Call Center and Data Center


Corporate Headquarters and Data Center


Renovation of Historic Hotel Dupont


CT / MRI Suite


CT / MRI Suite and New Bed Tower

High Rise Office Buildings

Commercial Startup, Tenant Improvement Division, Retirement Housing and Multi-family Housing

Construction Management, High Rise Office Buildings, Hotels, SubSurface Garages, Tenant Improvements